Hey everyone,
I’ve been doing this thing almost every Saturday since January of 2013; to have fun with friends, to talk about nerdy and geeky stuff like tv, movies, games, and music.

2016 has been difficult for us all, but recently I found myself unemployed – that’s where I need your help.

This isn’t just about ‘keeping us streaming’ anymore, this is about keeping a roof over our heads.

All the funds gathered here will go towards basic living expenses: the morgage, heat/electricity, food. Anything you’re able to donate would be greatly appreciated.

Since I have friends in the nerdcore community, they have offered up some assistance: nerdcore hip hop!

For each donation above $25, you’ll get a link for a digital download of the all new, original 2-part BTHR Cypher (estimated completion, March 2017)
Part 1 is a collaboration including Danny Fantom, Twill Distilled, Jimmy the Kid, Ardamus, and Kordlyss.
Part 2 is the “Tri-Force of Emcees” with Force of Will, Force Perry, and TekForce.

Included with the digital download will be a “mixtape” containing favorite songs from each of the partipating artists (if available).

I can’t thank all these talented nerds enough for their willingness to help out.

We all thank you for your support.