‘The Show With BS’ started January 2013 as the vision of a crazed nerd DJ: Bluestreak.

He had this insane notion that video gamers would want to listen to music, and get the latest news that mattered to them while gaming.

So Bluestreak set out to form a crew the likes of which had never been seen — because they all had faces for radio.
With his 25-year experience as a dj in the seedy underbelly of the suburbs of Boston, and the seedier below-underbelly of Boston radio, Bluestreak steers the show, and acts as the rudder.
His support talent has changed over the years as friends move away, or figure out something better to do with their time, but the one constant is Bluestreak’s drive and need to do something on a Saturday afternoon that won’t get him into trouble. Bluestreak has brought joy and entertainment to his fives of listeners almost every Saturday since that sad and fateful January afternoon. Utilizing his vast music library, his bottomless pit of pop-culture trivia, and strong Google-fu skills to get all the latest info on games, gaming, and technology, ‘The Show With BS’ is the keystone of the BeyondTheHorizonRadio.com network.

‘The Show With BS’ can be heard live, in its entirety Saturday Noon-3pm(ish)