Thank you Team Magenta

Thanks to the Enforcer XA Managers, Leads, and Teammates for making #PAXEast2018 memorable and so much fun!

Special thanks to my booths and vendors for being very cool!

We Are Fuzzy 

“Sleep Tight” was one of the games highlighted by IGN at #PAXEast2018

You’re a little kid defending your pillow fort from nighttime monsters!

You’ll love this twin-stick shooting, tower defense game.

Reverb Games

They showed off Trailblazers (if F-zero and Splatoon had a love baby) and

Sky Noon – Old West themed arena with steampunk-inspired weapons and grappling hooks!

AData Technologies

They gave away so much good swag, including a 2-foot-long mousepad, SSD enclosures, and plush tropical birds!


Supremely comfy beanbag-style chairs and couches perfect for gaming and relaxing, plush toys to snuggle, and squishy little companions to squeeze while stuck in rush-hour traffic.

Gaming Outfitters

For just about every gaming-related apparel and accessory you could want!


So many shirts and character plushies!

Kontrol Freek

Save your thumbs, extend the life of your sticks, get gud.

To Maxx Longshot, Jadeworrior, lE p l C, Just Paul, Pcho, Capt. Spaulding, MrBroadstone, Shifty240, Phreaker, and especially Nixvi:

Thank you for your hard work and Zone Magenta support.

See you next time!




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